Defense Minister Prince Salman receives Undersecretary of Turkish National Defense

Prince Khalid presides over meeting of Prince Sultan Charity Foundation

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Abdulaziz receives leader of majority in U.S. House of Representatives

Islamic Development Bank offers more than $321 million for development projects in several countries

Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Defense received Undersecretary of Turkish National Defense Ministry Hassan Kamal Yardmji and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, they reviewed bilateral relations and cooperation between the two brotherly countries and ways of their enhancement.

The meeting was attended by the Chief of General Staff, General Hussein bin Abdullah Al-Qabil and Director General of the Office of Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al-Bunyan.

Prince Salman, in the presence of Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Defense, military attaches accredited to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who came to greet and congratulate him on the royal trust in his appointment as Minister of Defense.

At the beginning of the reception, Prince Salman asserted the keenness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on cooperation with other countries of the world to achieve common interests, saying, 'The Kingdom is a peaceful and stable country and it wants peace and stability for all countries. We are in our world today in need of cooperation for the happiness of our peoples, and the peoples should be friendly with common interests.'

The Prince noted that the Central position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between Asia and Africa has contributed in making the Kingdom a friend to all countries of the world. The meeting was attended by Lieutenant General Bunyan.

Meanwhile, Prince Khalid, Chairman of Board of Trustees of Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation, and Chairman of Charitable Fund for Patients Medical Treatment, chaired this week the 10th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fund, in the presence of Prince Faisal bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Foundation's Secretary General.

Addressing the meeting, Prince Khalid bin Sultan said that the Fund has served more than 5000 needy patients in coordination with all government agencies, noting that the heirs of late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz (May Allah bless his soul) will pursue his charitable way.

He said, 'I start with what has been approved by late Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz every year by his announcement of SR 5 million as donation for the Fund and I personally donate SR 2 million for the Fund for this year.'

The meeting discussed the Fund's budget for the next fiscal year, and the activities of the Fund last year.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with the United States House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor and a number of members of the US House of Representatives.

During the meeting, they discussed regional and international issues of common interest in addition to means of enhancing relations between the two countries.

The meeting was attended by US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia James Smith and a number of officials.

On the other hand, the Board of Executive Directors of the Islamic Development Bank Group began its 280th session under the chairmanship of the IDB Group's President DR. Ahmed Mohammad Ali.

The agenda of the session includes discussions on technical and administrative reports, the adoption of new funding to contribute to the development projects in some Member States, and approval of grants and subsidies for a number of Muslim communities in non-Member States to contribute to the financing of developmental projects in the sectors of education, health and vocational training.

The Board will also consider a proposed plan and strategy of the Bank to provide more financial resources during the current fiscal year of 1433 AH and a report on the growth of the Bank's operations and needs of financial resources during the next ten years 1433-1442 AH as well as a progress report on the implementation of 'the Islamic Development Bank's scheme to support youth employment in Arab countries.'

The Board will review the topics that will be included in the agenda of the 37th annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the Islamic Development Bank, scheduled to take place in Khartoum, the Republic of Sudan during the period from 11-12/5/1433 AH, at the level of Ministers of Finance and Economy and Planning of the 56 member countries of the IDB Group.