GCC foreign ministers meet in Riyadh with Yemeni opposition delegation

GCC meeting statement urges international organizations to take whatever measures necessary to stop Iranian provocations and interference in internal affairs of countries in the region

GCC foreign ministers agree with Yemen’s opposition delegation to continue talks to stop deterioration

Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of working to export revolution, spark sectarian strife

The Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Member States held on April 17, 2011, an extraordinary meeting. The meeting issued the following statement:

The Ministerial Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council held the thirty-third extraordinary session on April 17, 2011.

The Council praised the positive developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain since declaring a state of national safety and the positive actions taken in its framework which led to the restoration of security, stability and tranquility in it.

The Council also stressed rejection of the contents of the message of the Foreign Minister of Iran to the UN Secretary General about the situation in Bahrain and the threats it included reflecting the continuation of the policy of Iran to intervene in the affairs of the GCC countries for the dissemination of allegations and lies continuously and repeatedly causing unrest and instability in the region and constituting a violation of the rules of international law and good neighborly relations between states.

The Council called upon the international community led by the Security Council as the supreme authority of the international organization responsible for international security to take the necessary measures to stop the Iranian blatant interventions, provocations and threats which seek to foment sedition and subversion within the GCC countries in order to undermine security and stability in spite of all the good intentions expressed by the GCC countries.

While the GCC countries are aware of their responsibilities in the region, their role and their keenness on their countries' sovereignty, stability and security, they categorically reject any outside interference in their internal affairs and will not hesitate to take any policies and procedures in this regard.

While the GCC countries are keen on good neighborly relations with all countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, they call on the Iranian regime to cease the method of provocation, incitement, fomenting instability and fabrications and recruiting agents and sleeping cells against the sovereign states of the Council with the aim of diverting the attention away from its situation and internal problems.

The Ministerial Council expressed its indignation for the repetition of attacks on the headquarters of the diplomatic mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Iran in flagrant violation of international laws and norms of diplomacy. The Council demands from the Iranian government to provide complete security protection of the diplomatic missions as provided for in international conventions and punish the aggressors.

Issued in Riyadh On Sunday, 13 May 1432 H. Corresponding to April 17, 2011

The GCC foreign ministers held the thirty-third extraordinary session in the presence of the Yemeni opposition delegation to discuss the GCC initiative on the Yemeni crisis.

The meeting issued a press statement explaining that the Yemeni delegation included Mohamed Salem Basendwah, head of the delegation and President of the Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue; Dr. Yasin Said Numan, the Secretary-General of the Yemeni Socialist Party and President of the Supreme Council for the joint meeting; Abdulwahab Alansi, Secretary-General of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform; Sultan Alatawani, Secretary-General of the Unionist Popular Nasserite Organization, and Hassan Zaid, Secretary General of the Alhaq Party.

The meeting was held to discuss the GCC initiative adopted by the Extraordinary Meeting of the Ministerial Council, the statement said.

It was agreed to continue dialogue and consultation in the future.

Another round of dialogue and consultation will be held between the GCC countries and the Yemeni government within the framework of the GCC initiative's principles and what has been reached with the delegation of the joint meeting and its partners in this regard, the statement added.