Crown Prince Naif inspects all preparations for Hajj season

Crown Prince: We are honored to serve pilgrims and our potentials are devoted to spare pilgrims any harm

Islamic fiqh complex warns of sedition or tampering with security of Hajj

Crown Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior, who is also Chairman of Hajj Supreme Committee, considered the service of pilgrims, Umrah performers and visitors to the two holy mosques and sacred places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a great honor to the Kingdom's leadership and people.

Holding the Hajj annual press conference following an inspection tour of the Hajj-related bodies, the Chairman of Hajj Supreme Committee confirmed that Hajj host country is fully prepared to receive pilgrims and assured it is going to be a comfortable easy journey for them.

This goal will be secured for two considerations: First: our trust in God Almighty on one hand and in pilgrims on the other and Secondly: because we have put all the Kingdom's capabilities at the disposal of this great event, he said.

Answering a question on Riyadh stance towards new revolutionary leaders in some Arab countries and whether Riyadh is well guarded against the revolutionary tide sweeping the region, the Crown Prince said that what have taken place in some sisterly Arab countries are internal affairs.

Meanwhile, it was apparent that the people and leadership of the Kingdom are tightly interconnected in a way that reflects the reciprocal trust displayed by each of them towards the other, he said.

The fact that Saudi Arabia is stable was echoed by the world media which have visited the Kingdom. Praise to Allah, the Crown Prince said, that we live in tranquility and within political, social and economic stability in every domain.

Answering a question on whether the political changes taking place in the Arab arena might have negative impact on this year's Hajj, the Crown Prince reiterated the Kingdom's great confidence in pilgrims and their faith and discern that they are here to perform a holy rite, thus they should ignore such things, expecting this year Hajj to be problem and chaos free, he remarked.

He confirmed that the Kingdom is ready to deal peacefully with any circumstance that might arise during Hajj. However, it will be also ready to act accordingly.

In response to a question, the Crown Prince said that Saudi Arabia and Iran don't need to conclude understanding agreements as regards Hajj this year. He stated that Iranians do always emphasize their respect to Hajj, preferring to have good faith in them. Following every Hajj season, the Kingdom receives gratitude and appreciation letters from Hajj-related Iranian officials, the Crown Prince disclosed.

Asked about an expected role the Kingdom might play in the region following the revolutions that took place in some of Arab nations, the Crown Prince stressed the Kingdom's endeavor to maintain Arab solidarity, as that is a pillar of its foreign policy which it doesn't intend to abandon.

Prince Naif refuted reports that the Saudi treasury benefits from Hajj revenues, confirming that 'not even a penny was levied by the Saudi treasury'.

Without mentioning figures, our country pours plenty of money, to improve the infrastructure of Hajj with the aim to facilitate the ritual for Muslims coming for Hajj, minor Hajj (Umrah) or visit to the Prophet's mosque, he said, citing the revenues of Al-Mashaer (sacred places on the outskirts of Makkah) train are used on the maintenance of the train.

The Crown Prince rejected the comparison between the organization of the world soccer cup finals and Hajj, stating that organizers of such international football events will have each a grace of more than two years while Hajj is a yearly event.

Asked about what kind of penalties awaiting Hajj instruction violators, the Minister of Interior said he would not think about it as everybody is now either coming to worship or to provide service to worshippers. However, whoever dares to breach this sacred ritual, should expect the punishment stated in our constitution: the holy Quran and Prophet's Sunnah (sayings and deeds), he added.

He confirmed that development projects in the sacred places will continue since Hajj is there.

In response to a question on the extent of influence of political developments in neighboring Yemen on the border between the two countries, Crown Prince said 'what happens in Yemen is an internal affair', hoping that the southern neighbor would soon enjoy stability again and that the Kingdom would not be harmed from the side of Yemen.

To this effect, he said border arrangements are enforced in all Saudi borders with its neighbors without exception.

He thanked whoever offered condolence on the death of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, describing the event as a great loss to the Kingdom.

Highlighting the contributions of the new projects taking place in the holy sites, both in Makkah and Madinah, in order to make it easier for pilgrims to move and be commuted, the Crown Prince reaffirmed that these projects are but a part of a greater plan to change the face of Makkah with the aim of making it more easier to access the Grand Mosque of Makkah.

He assured that budgets to do that are already earmarked. The Crown Prince stated that security is above everything and none is to be treated exceptionally, when it comes to maintain order. Media men, hence, should not expect to be treated differently, he added.

Responding to Media men inquiries, the Crown Prince asked them to be sincere in their news coverage and pursue facts.

Meanwhile, The Higher Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced this evening that Arafat Day, the peak of Hajj (pilgrimage) which is the ninth day of the lunar month of Zul-Hijja, this year falls on Saturday, November 5, 2011.

In a meeting, led by Senior Judge Dr. Saleh bin Abdulrahman Al-Mohaimeed, the 8-member Court announced that Friday corresponding to the 28th of October 2011 is the first day of Zul-Hijja 1432 H., Saturday November 5, 2011 is Hajj Day for this year 1432 H. (corresponding to the ninth day of Zul-Hijja) and that Sunday, November 6, 2011 corresponding to the tenth of Zul-Hijja is the day of Eidul-Adha (Greater Bairam).

The court said it has based its judgment on reports from the Kingdom's branch courts throughout the country which received confirmation of viewing the crescent of the new month of Zul-Hijja by adult authenticated witnesses at sunset.

Prince Mishaal bin Abdulaziz, Chief of Allegiance-Pledge Commission, has said that the death of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz was a great loss to everyone and thanked all those who offered condolences him on the death of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

He also congratulated all Muslims on the beginning of the holy month of pilgrimage and said, 'Thank Allah Almighty who honored us with the service of the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors. Our beloved country's constitution and regulations are based on Islamic Shari'a, including regulations for the pledge of allegiance.'

He added, 'We would like to stress to all that the royal family, thanks to Allah Almighty, is coherent and unified under the banner of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud ... who is credited with the blessings of Allah Almighty to establish this commission. We all extend support and loyalty to him. This distinguishes our dear country from others. This also provides the flexible and smooth occupancy of positions of power we have. This is what was seen by all, praise be to Allah. We offer our best wishes to brother Naif bin Abdulaziz for success and guidance in his new tasks. We ask the Almighty Allah to protect and extend the life of our leader and father the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and perpetuate the security, stability and prosperity in our beloved country.'