In session held under Crown Prince Naif:

Saudi Cabinet offers heartfelt condolences to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Crown Prince Naif and family of the great deceased Sultan

Cabinet congratulates Crown Prince Naif over dear confidence by the King and the Allegiance-Pledge Commission

Crown Prince: With the departure of Prince Sultan, the world has lost one of the most prominent leaders

Crown Prince Naif boasts a 60-year-old political experience and long history of achievements

Prince Naif mobilized all efforts to enhance stability and fight terrorism

The crown prince says King Abdullah’s leadership has brought stability to kingdom and spared it what hit others

Prince Naif receives allegiance from leaders and people

Arab, international welcome over appointment of Prince Naif as crown prince

U.S. President congratulates Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

Governors, princes pledge allegiance to Prince Naif, receive allegiance by Saudi citizens

GCC health ministers council congratulate Crown Prince Naif

Leaders from all over the world mourn “Sultan al-Khair” and offer condolences to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

Palestinian issue has been receiving permanent support from the great deceased

Global press mourn Prince Sultan and describe him as top statesman

Governors, princes and officials exchange condolences over “Sultan al-Khair”

Prince Sultan’s charity work, services for nation and Islam are beyond counting

Patients of Sultan City for Humanitarian Services miss the great deceased

Prince Khalid bin Sultan congratulates Crown Prince Naif

Prince Khalid hails Prince Salman who “embodied real spirit of brotherhood and rare loyalty”

Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Charity Foundation board of trustees holds its 15th session, elects Prince Khalid as chairman

Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia abroad continue receiving condolences

Crown Prince Naif inspects all preparations for Hajj season

Crown Prince: We are honored to serve pilgrims and our potentials are devoted to spare pilgrims any harm

Islamic fiqh complex warns of sedition or tampering with security of Hajj

Arab League foreign ministers council ends discussions with adoption of deal with Syria to end crisis

Syria agrees all four items of the plan

Agreement calls for end to violence, release of detainees, withdrawal of army and access to monitor developments

Home opposition welcomes deal but Syria’s national council casts doubts

Sultan Qaboos addresses Council of Oman fifth term for 2011

Sultan: Building a modern state we pledged required us to exert tremendous efforts to build infrastructure nationwide

Coming stage will see more care for youths

Khaled Al-Ma’awali wins presidency of Oman’s Shura Council

Recent developments until November 3:

Palestinians obtain victory as UNESCO accepts PNA membership

Netanyahu government responds by speeding up settlements program

Arab, Islamic and international condemnation of Israel’s settlements decision

U.S., Canada stop financial contributions to UNESCO programs

King of Bahrain discusses with Egypt’s Tantawi recent developments

Information about new biting sanctions against Iran as Israel talks about war

  Happy Eidul-Adha