In address by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to pilgrims:

The ultimate purpose of hajj is to stress unity and solidarity

Hajj is fountainhead rich in great meanings of tolerance, dialogue and diversity

Cracks within the abode of Islam won’t happen except by chaos, weakness and disunity

Crown Prince receives ulema, sheikhs, security commanders on behalf of King Abdullah

Royal orders appointing Prince Salman as defense minister, Prince Sattam as Riyadh governor, Prince Khalid bin Sultan as deputy minister of defense

Prince Salman, Prince Sattam sworn in before Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

Prince Salman expresses appreciation to King Abdullah for his trust by appointing him as defense minister

Prince Sattam thanks King Abdullah for his precious trust

Crown Prince Naif receives hajj security commanders

Crown Prince: I am confident that Saudis take pride in unprecedented success of hajj season

Prince Khalid al-Faisal congratulates Saudi leadership over successful hajj season

Egypt, Muslim scholars praise Saudi Arabia’s services for pilgrims

Minister of Defense Prince Salman…a march of achievements in all fields

Vastly-experienced Prince Sattam named as 9th Governor of Riyadh

Prince Khalid bin Sultan named deputy defense minister

Prince Fahd bin Abdullah, military pilot and strategist

Prince Saud bin Naif boasts political, economic successes

Prince Mohammed bin Saad named as deputy governor of Riyadh

Crown Prince Naif boasts a 60-year-old political experience and long history of achievements

Prince Naif mobilized all efforts to enhance stability and fight terrorism

The crown prince says King Abdullah’s leadership has brought stability to kingdom and spared it what hit others

Prince Naif receives allegiance from leaders and people

Arab, international welcome over appointment of Prince Naif as crown prince

U.S. President congratulates Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

Governors, princes pledge allegiance to Prince Naif, receive allegiance by Saudi citizens

GCC health ministers council congratulate Crown Prince Naif

President Mahmoud Abbas reiterates Palestinians’ resolve to seek UN membership

International Quartet representatives start separate meetings with Palestinians, Israelis in Jerusalem

Netanyahu is a liar, Sarkozy tells Obama

Jordan slams Netanyahu’s alleged plans to establish Palestinian state there

New schemes to build 60,000 Israeli settlement units in Jerusalem

Arab League chief calls for giving Syria initiative a chance

Syrian opposition delegation assaulted by Syrian nationals off Arab League headquarters in Cairo

Turkey warns Syria not to play PKK card

Syrian mufti accuses Der Spiegel of misquoting him on Syria

Concerns in Lebanon economy might be affected by international sanctions against Syria

IAEA says Iran designing nuke weapon

Ahmadinejad: Confrontation with U.S. does not need nuke bomb

U.S. considers Iran as top threat in region

Splits in Israel over Iran strike

Recent developments in some countries of the region until November 10:

Forbes selects Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques as one of the most powerful leaders

King Abdullah receives congratulations over successful hajj season

Clashes continue in Yemen, no negotiations regarding signing of Gulf initiative

Egypt’s military council says dealing calmly with U.S. warning to nationals

Sleiman says Lebanon in alarming situation but there’s no explosion