Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques discusses with Sudanese president regional developments, receives phone call from French president

2 new minarets built in Makkah

King Abdullah’s dialogue initiative enhances Muslim presence in international arena

Zardari hails Saudi Arabia’s backing for Pakistan

Saudi Cabinet recognizes Republic of South Sudan

Cabinet condemns Mumbai bombings, urges international community to adopt firm stance towards Israel

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques receives message from Moroccan king

Saudi ambassador to Egypt hands Arab League Secretary General check worth of kingdom’s budget share

Bahrain’s PM hails Saudi Arabia’s supportive stands for his country

Recent developments in the region

Saudi Arabia airs videotape showing secret organization leader calling for return to jihadist ideology

13 killed in Syria’s Homs confrontations between security forces, protesters

Egypt’s Tantawi reviews developments with U.S. CENTCOM chief

Tunisia says sit-in planned to scupper polls

“Secret organization” planning to overthrow Saudi regime in collaboration with foreign intelligence agencies foiled

Organization chief hosted leaders of Al-Qaeda in Iraq

Saudi authorities release 46 persons who renounced Al-Qaeda ideologies

Large cabinet reshuffle in Egypt

Interior ministry denies it has sniper units

Erekat asserts PNA to go to UN for recognition amid U.S. efforts to impede the move

7 wounded in Israeli airstrike on Gaza Strip

Libya contact group in Turkey recognizes transitional council as legitimate authority

France says Gaddafi’s remarks indicate his isolation

European Union pledges to help Libyans

Libyan rebels concerned Gaddafi might use mustard gas

Yemen’s Saleh calls for dialogue, threatens persons behind his assassination attempt

Abyan tribes fight al-Qaeda fighters

Split in Yemen over forming transitional presidential council

Gulf states reject Iranian Guardian Council chief Jannati’s “provocative” statements against Bahrain

July 23 is the Sultanate of Oman’s Renaissance Day

Development in Sultanate indicates the successful wise policy of Sultan Qaboos

Obvious international openness in Oman’s foreign policy is true reflection of Oman’s character

International Quartet fails to reach deal to revive Mideast peace process

Erekat urges U.S. to reconsider position regarding Palestinian statehood recognition in Sept.

Palestinian Authority accuses U.S. House of being fully biased in favor of Israel

Arab League: Palestinian reconciliation has not failed

62% of polled Israelis believe region conflict must be ended

Conference of Supervisors of Palestinian Affairs concluded in Arab League headquarters

Meeting denounces UNESCO’s placing Jerusalem as capital of Israel on its website