Saudi National Day

Story of lofty nation in the words of King Abdulaziz Al Saud

March of inexhaustible giving throughout history, present and future of kingdom

Achievements that speak of themselves in the fields of industry, health, support for Palestinian issue and humanitarian needs

Saudi National Day

Study sums up most important achievements since the time of the founding king until the present day

Saudis are today experiencing new reality planned by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

The lands of the Kingdom have experienced a march of unification in a jihadi epic of construction

Saudi leadership is keen on maintaining Islamic sacred places, expanding the Prophet Muhammad Mosque

World Muslim League hails Kingdom’s achievements

Saudi National Day

Series of non-stop achievements in all fields

24 universities, more than 80,000 scholarship students make kingdom global center of research, innovation

Kingdom makes agricultural breakthrough with 44 billion rials of GDP

95 billion rials for water desalination projects

186,000 kilometers of roads linking all parts of kingdom, enhancing development, investments

Royal order to set up King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Foundation for Charity and Humanitarian Works

Decree is welcomed with praise

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ initiatives rest on principles of reform, dialogue

New charity foundation is active contribution in efforts to generalize charity work

Crown Prince Sultan discusses with King of Morocco recent regional, international developments

Second Deputy Premier Prince Naif conveys Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ thanks and appreciation for security men

Prince Naif: Saudi Arabia offers hajj, umra services for no return

Iraq neighboring countries adopt 20 recommendations calling for beleaguering sectarian extremism, prevention of extremist sectarian ideologies inciting violence and terrorism

Second Deputy Premier says ignoring fact of close bondage between Iraq’s security and neighbors’ stability, security means everybody’s security is exposed to danger

Prince Naif signs agreement on movement by ID between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Prince Naif on National Day: We cherish the memory and principles that made the kingdom an Islamic state resting on strong pillars

Important resolutions in Arab foreign ministers council session in Cairo

Direct talks with Israel have to stand on peace process terms of reference within set timetable

Council rejects Israel’s requests that Palestinians recognize Israel as Jewish state

Ministers urge U.S. President Obama to stick to position calling for total freeze of settlements building

Arab League council considers peace process developments, direct Palestinian-Israeli negotiations

Council asserts just, overall peace is Arabs’ strategic option, says peace process is indivisibly comprehensive

Meeting underlines principles mentioned in Arab peace initiative

Council refuses recognition of Israel as Jewish state, rejects judaization of Jerusalem

President Abbas explains in New York Palestinians’ principles in their endeavors towards peace

International Quartet, UN, EU urge Israel to extend settlement freeze moratorium

President Mubarak: Tough decisions to achieve peace is inevitable step

Freedom Flotilla incidents probe panel condemns Israel

International calls to bring Syria, Lebanon into peace process

In implementation of Sultan Qaboos’ decrees:

Sultanate govt. offers aid to flood-stricken people in Pakistan

Oman finances construction of emergency center in Yemen

Sultan Qaboos honors Jewel of Muscat ship captain

65 warehouses for food reserves, wheat silos with a capacity of 300,000 tons

42 million cubic meters of natural gas transferred daily, pipeline network to be expanded