Saudi Arabia reiterates calls on international community to oblige Israel to respect peace requirements

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques calls for applying quality criteria, receives head of U.S. Central Command

Crown Prince Sultan patronizes honoring pioneers of Saudi medical innovations

Higher organization for Pince Naif bin Abdulaziz for Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah, contemporary Islamic studies

Second Deputy Premier thanks King Saudi University over some of its colleges obtaining academic accreditation

Crown Prince Sultan receives Second Deputy Premier in Agadir

Crown Prince: Quran is Muslim nation’s bride and path towards success

Indonesian president patronizes Prince Sultan Quran Memorization Contest

Saudi Arabia’s role to maintain world peace, stability praised regionally and internationally

Second Deputy Premier Prince Naif signs cooperation agreement with Kazakh interior minister

Governor of Makkah sponsors 4th Okaz Cultural Festival inauguration ceremony

Bahrain’s prime minister hails Saudi Arabia’s regional, international role

China’s ambassador in Riyadh praises Saudi Arabia’s participation in Expo event

International organizations praise Saudi Arabia’s aid to flood-hit Pakistan

Al-Qaeda admits in videotape several abortive attempts on the life of Prince Mohammed bin Naif

Muslims denounce Israeli terrorists’ burning of mosque in Palestinian areas

Terrorists could get dirty bombs, Russia warns

Saudi-Qatari talks on regional developments

Mubarak asserts keenness on salvaging negotiations from settlement whirlpool

Jordan monarch urges Netanyahu to stop settlements construction without delay

Differences arise among Israeli ministers, Lieberman expected out

Sultan Qaboos presides over annual meeting of Council of Oman

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos says achievements made have changed the quality of life, putting Sultanate in prominent position on regional, global maps

Achievements struck balance between preserving good heritage and keeping up with the spirit, science and technology of the age

Legal, judicial systems developed to interact with developments of the modern time

Head of Sultanate Court: His Majesty’s speech is comprehensive future vision taking into account nation’s principles

Lebanese cabinet says Syrian arrest warrants issue belongs to justice ministries in both countries within the framework of sovereignty and norms

Hariri believes warrants are “political schemes”

Saudi Arabia, Egypt support Lebanon tribunal

Israel presses Lebanon to cancel Iranian president’s visit

Mitchell fails to make breakthrough in Israel’s position but says would continue endeavors

Abbas disappointed as expectations on his resignation thrive

Egypt, Jordan affirm to Mitchell that there would be no place for negotiations as settlement construction goes on, Moussa speaks of alternatives

Abbas turns down U.S. proposal for partial settlement freeze

Jordan monarch stresses importance of U.S. role to overcome obstacles

Saudi National Day

Current development plans appropriate 1.445 trillion rials to improve standards of living, enhance economy, human resources

Saudi Arabia’s membership in G-20 attests to its effective role in global economy

Kingdom’s contribution to development, confronting disasters up to 120 billion rials

Prince Faisal bin Sultan: We boast abundant asset of great achievements thanks to our wise leadership

U.S. President in UN asserts need to continue direct negotiations, extension of moratorium, Palestinian statehood

President Abbas tells Israel it has to choose between peace and settlements

Lebanese President reiterates rejection of settlement of Palestinians in Lebanon, asserts liberation of occupied lands, commitment to resolution 1701

Egypt urges Israel to take tough decisions for peace

King Abdullah II of Jordan says development hinges on peace

Moroccan monarch discusses with Abbas track of negotiations, calls for establishment of Palestinian state on 1967 borders