Sultanate of Oman celebrates 40th National Day and anniversary of modern renaissance

40-year-old march establishes series of non-stop achievements, construction and development

Sultan Qaboos has fulfilled his 1970 promise to build better future and restore Oman’s ancient past

Key stops on the road to build institutions, confirm effectiveness of Oman’s role at Gulf, Arab and international levels

Oman's modern Renaissance began from the Governorate of Dhofar and it was there that the first steps were taken towards the achievement of its hopes, said Sultan Qaboos bin Said when he presided over the annual convening of the Council of Oman at Al Hisn Hall in Hay Al Shatti in Salalah.

Sultan Qaboos said that the Sultanate “is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its progress, during the course of which its achievements in many fields are plain for all to see and have changed the face of life in Oman, enabling it to assume a position of eminence at both regional and international levels.”

“Oman has been able to realize much of what we had aspired towards. Everything that has been achieved within a precise balance between preserving the best elements of our heritage, in which we take pride, and the demands of the present day which require us to adapt to the spirit of the modern age - while at the same time corresponding to its civilization, modern science and technology and benefiting from the latest developments in the various spheres of public and private life,” he pointed out.

Sultan Qaboos affirmed that “the building of this modern state to which we aspired was achieved with God's assistance, the road to achieving it - as you all know - was not easy and accessible.”

“There were tremendous difficulties and many obstacles.

However, thanks to God's blessings, along with the diligent hard work and dedication by all sections of society - men and women - and for their absolute faith in God's assistance and guidance, we overcame all the difficulties and obstacles.

“A high percentage of modern state building has definitely been achieved in the way we envisaged, thanks to God's grace.

This was made through stable, phased and carefully studied steps that has built the present and paved the way to the future.

“One of Oman's firm principles is cooperation with all states and nations on the basis of mutual respect, mutual interest and non-interference in the affairs of others, as well as, our non-acceptance of interference in our affairs by others.”

Sultan affirmed his great care for the development plans in order to build a community of prosperity, science and knowledge.

“A percentage of these development programs, in which we take pride, have been implemented in various parts of the Sultanate,” he said, adding that the development that has taken place in Omani life, and the positive changes that society has undergone, the legal and judicial systems have had to be upgraded and modernized to keep pace with the latest developments.

Accordingly, the laws and statutes necessary for that purpose were promulgated, culminating in the Basic Law of the State.

Sultan Qaboos stressed the importance of safeguarding and protecting them so that the next generations - sons and daughters of Oman - can continue along the blessed path with the support and guidance of the Almighty God.

The National Day comes amid many achievements that have bolstered growth and development of Oman’s economy, which withstood the global financial crisis thanks to proper planning.

The coming days will witness the launch of a number of projects in various sectors, including investment, health and education.

The 18th of November is the National Day of the Sultanate of Oman, which commemorates the beginning of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said's leadership on that day in 1970 and the start of the Renaissance of Oman. To celebrate this years significant milestone, National Day celebrations in Oman will commence on the 18th of November and conclude on the 30th November. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information has revealed that Queen Elizabeth II and other world leaders will attend the celebrations in Oman.

In Melbourne last night, the Consulate-General of the Sultanate of Oman hosted a Cultural evening at the National Gallery of Victoria to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Oman's Renaissance, a period that has greatly enriched the country and the lives of Omani citizens.

In his recent address to Oman’s State Council, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Al Said stated that the achievements of Oman in the past 40 years are clear for everyone to see, "Here we are today, in this splendid land, celebrating the 40th anniversary of its progress, during the course of which its achievements in many fields are plain for all to see and have changed the face of life in Oman, enabling it to assume a position of eminence at both regional and international levels".

Oman’s progress is also noticed and respected by the world community including multinational inter-governmental agencies like the United Nations and World Economic Forum programs that continue to report Oman as a great improver in global and regional competitiveness. For example, the recently published United Nations Development Program Report entitled “The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development” listed Oman at the top of the 10 leading countries that have made most progress in recent decades in education and public health.

The achievements of Oman are not limited to Oman but extend to the regional and international level. Oman has built strong and fruitful relations with other countries and international organizations and Oman and Australia's relationship is an example of this.

Last night, His Excellency Hamed Al Hajri welcomed guests from the Australian and Omani community. "Tonight is also a celebration of this relationship shared between Oman and Australia. This relationship grows stronger by the day. The relationship between our nations is apparent in a variety of areas, such as education, tourism and trade." said His Excellency Hamed Al Hajri.

Mona Tannous, Country Manager for Sultanate of Oman Tourism in Australia and New Zealand who attended the event said " There are increasing numbers of Australians now visiting and working in Oman and many have fallen in love with the Sultanate and its people. What they will tell you Oman is a young, dynamic and outward looking country and one that fully deserves Oman Tourism’s strap line: Beauty has an address. Oman Tourism looks forward to continuing to build strong relationships with trade and media in Australia and New Zealand to assist us in opening the eyes of the Australian consumer to the beauty of Oman."

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has approved the logo for the glorious 40th National Day that symbolizes the Blessed Renaissance march in the Sultanate led by His Majesty since his assumption of power 40 years ago.

HE Sheikh Siba’ Bin Hamdan Al Saa’di, Secretary-General of the Supreme Committee for National Day Celebrations said the logo denotes the significance of the 40th anniversary of His Majesty’s rule.

“The logo depicts the peaceful life in the Sultanate under His Majesty’s leadership. The wise rule enabled the Sultanate to witness major development in various spheres in parallel with the progress of world countries,’’ Al Saa’di said.

The logo comprises the Sultanate’s name and map, the country’s logo ‘the two swords and Omani khanjar’ besides the number 40 denoting the march of the Blessed Renaissance and pigeons symbolizing peace,” he added.

BankMuscat, the leading financial services provider in the Sultanate, announced its decision to recognize the valuable contributions of all employees on the occasion of the 40th National Day, according to a press release. The recognition in response to the directive of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said will benefit all BankMuscat’s existing and retired staff as well as families of deceased staff who had served the bank.

Sheikh AbdulMalik Bin Abdullah Al Khalili, Chairman of BankMuscat, congratulated His Majesty on the auspicious occasion of the 40th National Day. “For myself and on behalf of the Board of Directors and all the bank staff, I would like to extend sincere congratulations and felicitations to His Majesty the Sultan. This initiative, which we have announced earlier, comes as part of the bank’s commitment and philosophy aimed at constructive participation in the Blessed Renaissance march and in celebration of the immense achievements made possible in Oman, which have transformed the way of life for all of us and which can be seen as a tangible reality by all those living in this beloved country. This is a significant achievement and we also consider the phenomenal growth of BankMuscat as Oman’s top financial services provider as one of the Blessed Renaissance achievements.”

Earlier this year, BankMuscat launched year-long celebrations as part of its ‘Oman Celebrates’ campaign in commemoration of the 40th Renaissance anniversary. Major activities included the ‘Celebrate Together’ campaign launched for children in association with Omantel. The campaign generated over 40,000 paintings by children who gave expression to the concept of a modern nation and its achievements during the reign of His Majesty.

The opportunity was utilized by children to express their love and admiration for the beloved leader of Oman.

To commemorate the 40th National Day, 40 chefs from 21 hotels, restaurants and a bakery prepared 40 cakes as part of an event organized by Oman Chef’s Guild (OCG) on November 6.

All these 40 cakes were displayed at Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Muscat where HE Mohammed Bin Hamoud Al Toobi, undersecretary, Ministry of Tourism of the Sultanate, was the chief guest.

Speaking at the occasion, Toobi said that the Omani chefs from various parts of the country were brought together to pay tribute to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said on the occasion of the 40th National Day.

He said that this is one of the event organized by a section of the tourism sector of the country to be a part of the National Day celebrations.

Talking to Oman Tribune, OS Thomas, founder and honorary secretary of the OCG, said that all these cakes were the wonderful result of the efforts of 40 Omani chefs who worked day and night for over 10-days to put things together and prepare the cake.

Thomas said that it was very important to bring the local Omani talent in the limelight as they were the one who have to finally lead different sectors as it was proved by the event.

Omani chefs from several participating hotels including Ramee Dream Resort, Muscat Holiday Hotel, Al Falaj Hotel, Golden Tulip Nizwa and Muscat, National Hospitality Institute, Shangri La and Al Nahdha Resort were present at the occasion.

They were also facilitated by the OCG. Oman Air also participated in the ceremony with the biggest cake.

He said that all cakes had one meter dimension and 15cm height. All the chefs have tried to give unique flavor and recipe to their cakes.

The Sultanate Embassy in Russia in cooperation with the Russian Charity Association (World of Good) organized a concert marking the 40th National Day and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the relations between the Sultanate and Russia.

The concert was attended by HE Mohammed Bin Awadh Al Hassan, the Sultanate’s Ambassador to Russia, and Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Sultanov, representative of Russian president to the Middle East and members of the Duma Council, Federal Council and the members of the Sultanate’s embassy and a number of Arab ambassadors in Russia.

Sultanov said the Sultanate and Russia has witnessed over 25 years of achievements that serve interests of the two countries and the relations start to cover other spheres of cooperation including culture, education and tourism and other issues, indicating that there is a trend from the Sultanate and Russia to continue improvement of the bilateral relations and this trend ensures boosting of ties between the two countries.

Alexander Lotarev, member of the Russian Federal Council praised the economic and social development programs, confirming that the relations between the two countries are always marked with understanding, confidence and cooperation. This cooperation would help two sides through development of the same in various fields, particularly in the field of oil, education, parliamentary exchange and other issues.

Oleg Oleinik, chairman of the Russian charity association (World of Good) said His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said led the country prudently, making the country able to get its distinguished stance in the international community, adding that thanks to the prudent leadership of His Majesty the Sultan, Oman managed to be one of the pioneering countries concerning economic growth and the social development programs. Then the concert began with a performance by the Omani Oud band from the Diwan of Royal Court who played musical pieces from the Omani and Arab traditional music.

A fashion exhibition for the Omani designers was also held. The concert concluded with a charity auction that would benefit sick children program under the theme (For return of Smile On Children’s Faces) being organized by the Russian Charity Association (World of Good).