Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques pays fruitful four-leg tour of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan

King Abdullah’s talks with leaders of four nations centered on means to confront conspiracies, challenges, maintain Arab rights, consolidate Lebanon’s stability

Historic summit in Beirut brings together King Abdullah, Syria and Lebanese leaders

In session held under Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques:

Cabinet assigns King Abdullah City for Science & Technology to consider draft project on space exploration

Sheikh Sudais dissociates Islam from acts of violence, terrorism

Egypt’s Mufti: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ dialogue initiative is optimal reply to anyone accusing Islam of terrorism

Arab follow-up committee agrees moving to direct talks, sends message of Arab demands to U.S. President Obama

Abbas: We will not declare Palestinian state unilaterally, would quit if negotiations falter

Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques receives phone call from Egyptian President Mubarak on latest developments

Obama affirms to Mubarak his commitment to establishing Palestinian state

Abbas urges world to end occupation, asserts Arab peace initiative is still on the table

Erekat says Palestinian issue to UN Security Council if no progress is made before September 8

Israel procrastinates on aid flotilla massacre probe

Warnings on Israel’s plans to demolish Aqsa Mosque

Future Movement wraps constituent conference, elects Hariri as leader

Movement insists on international tribunal, March 14 bloc, relations with Syria

Hariri: No place for schism in our approach

Hoss calls for open dialogue under Lebanon president’s auspices

Arab League chief says concerned over political haggling in Lebanon

Future Bloc convention issues political, economic recommendations

Lebanese army bolsters presence in south

Egypt’s foreign minister warns of use of force inside Lebanon

Israel threatens to strike Lebanese government organizations

Yemeni president urges Houthis to observe six points for ceasefire as rebels escalate operations against army

U.S. pressures Iraq politicians to form new govt.

Europe imposes more tighter sanctions on Iran

Iran says ready to resume nuke talks in September

Clinton urges Asia to go harder on North Korea

Saleh urges Yemenis to report terrorists

EU welcomes deal between ruling party, opposition in Yemen

Clinton in Pakistan: I believe Bin Laden is here

Turkey puts 29 suspected members of Al-Qaeda on trial

In interview to Russia Today channel, Bin Alawi says satisfied over relations with Moscow

Omani foreign minister: Oman and Russia see eye to eye on many issues of the region

Oman, Britain co-stress need to achieve progress to establish Palestinian state

Sultanate’s oil production up to 859,000 barrels per day

AIDMO report hails Oman’s policies in expanding resources of income

Palestinian, Arab, Islamic warnings against Israel’s construction plans in Jerusalem

U.S. urged to immediately intervene to deter Israel

Turkey closes airspace to Israeli flights

U.S.-Israel relations suffering “tectonic rift,” says Israeli ambassador in Washington

Barak proposes plan in U.S. to start peace negotiations with Syria

Ain Al-Yaqeen will not appear during the month of August for its annual holiday and would resume in September