Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques takes up Middle East issues with U.S. President Obama in Washington

King Abdullah, President Obama agree on need to give strong momentum to peace march

President Obama to King Abdullah: We appreciate your friendship and advice

G8 stresses support for Middle East peace, lifting siege imposed on Gaza

G20 final statement announces leaders’ agreement over financial reform program

Joint Saudi-U.S. summit statement urges Iran to meet its international commitments

Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques receives British defense official

Second Deputy Premier patronizes ceremonies to graduate students

Prince Naif: More than 220 terrorist attempts foiled during this decade

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques holds consultations with G20 leaders on financial conditions

King Abdullah addresses G20 summit on Saudi Arabia’s measures to face global financial crisis

G20 enhances unified position to back growth, agrees on need lower budget deficits

G20 still concerned over return to recession

U.S. President Obama says group managed to achieve stability of global economy but still there are challenges ahead need to be dealt with

Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques asserts at cabinet that King Abdullah’s participation in G20 summit highlights kingdom’s political, economic stature

Saudi cabinet denounces Israel’s decision to demolish Arab houses in East Jerusalem

Prince Sultan briefed on programs of Om al-Qura University

Second Deputy Premier Prince Naif discusses latest developments with Pakistani minister, Egypt’s ambassador

Vice Custodian Prince Sultan receives Italian ambassador, princes, officials

Second Deputy Premier Prince Naif receives Italian ambassador, discuss anti-terror agreement

Saudi Arabia ratifies Arab charter on human rights

Obama calls for developing ties between U.S., Muslim world

Mitchell, disappointed by Netanyahu, resumes endeavors to move to direct negotiations

Israel negotiates Mitchell while retaining settlement plans in Jerusalem

Mubarak discusses with Yemen’s Saleh, Russian FM Lavrov developments in Middle East region

Assad: Israel’s aggressiveness blocked road to negotiations

Mubarak rejects Israel’s attempts to lay Gaza responsibility on Egypt

UN: Settlement in East Jerusalem running counter to international law

Fresh U.S., European sanctions against Iran

Tehran threatens to respond to sanctions, says its missiles do not pose threat to Europe

Palestinian, Arab, Islamic warnings against Israel’s construction plans in Jerusalem

U.S. urged to immediately intervene to deter Israel

Turkey closes airspace to Israeli flights

U.S.-Israel relations suffering “tectonic rift,” says Israeli ambassador in Washington

Barak proposes plan in U.S. to start peace negotiations with Syria

Western information assert Iran so close to A-bomb

U.S. urges Europe to slap more sanctions as Congress passes recent ones

Western proposal to hold meeting with Iran, IAEA

Kissinger: War is long in Afghanistan

General Petraeus backs Afghanistan pullout plan after modification

EU commission discusses deal with U.S. to combat terror financing

Europe lays new standards to fight terrorists

Anti-terror measures intensified in Yemen as several al-Qaeda members arrested

Pakistan enhances anti-terror cooperation with NATO

Campaign of accusations against Pakistan to cast doubts over its ability to protect its own nuke stockpile

Israeli arrested in Poland on charges of involvement in Mabhouh assassination