Saudi-Qatari summit in Casablanca discusses regional developments

Israeli resumes house demolitions in Jerusalem as U.S. expresses concerns

Obama calls for direct negotiations, Netanyahu evades any commitments

Israeli Knesset passes drafts on Jerusalem, Golan

Vice Custodian Prince Sultan chairs cabinet session

Saudi cabinet condemns all terrorist explosions, urges Iraqis to stick to national unity

Prince Sultan praises officials in charge of Prince Sultan Chairs for Hearing Disability Research

Second Deputy Premier follows up readiness for hajj season

Saudi Arabia ranked as top nations fighting terrorism, money laundering

Vice Custodian Prince Sultan receives Italian ambassador, princes, officials

Second Deputy Premier Prince Naif receives Italian ambassador, discuss anti-terror agreement

Saudi Arabia ratifies Arab charter on human rights

Obama calls for developing ties between U.S., Muslim world

Vice Custodian Prince Sultan chairs civil aviation board meeting

Prince Saud Al-Faisal takes up peace process, Iranian nuclear file with French President Sarkozy, Foreign Minister Kouchner

Prince Khalid Al-Faisal opens preparatory meeting of Arab cultural summit

Japanese MP calls for enhancing investments in Saudi Arabia’s higher education sector

Lebanon says observes resolution 1701, rules of engagement

UN Security Council calls for free movement of UN blue helmets as Hezbollah wants new chapter turned

France worried over incidents in south, wants free movement for UNIFIL troops

Israel threatens south Lebanon

Abbas: There is no point in direct talks with Israel now

Obama says Israelis concerned by his father’s name, asserts peace can be achieved

Turkey’s FM: Israel knows what it has to do

Netanyahu inclined to assign Livni for negotiations

Mubarak rejects Israel’s attempts to lay Gaza responsibility on Egypt

UN: Settlement in East Jerusalem running counter to international law

Fresh U.S., European sanctions against Iran

Tehran threatens to respond to sanctions, says its missiles do not pose threat to Europe

Palestinian, Arab, Islamic warnings against Israel’s construction plans in Jerusalem

U.S. urged to immediately intervene to deter Israel

Turkey closes airspace to Israeli flights

U.S.-Israel relations suffering “tectonic rift,” says Israeli ambassador in Washington

Barak proposes plan in U.S. to start peace negotiations with Syria

PM Hariri directly supervises probe on incident of international airport infiltrator

Politicians call on government to bear its responsibilities, reveal derelict persons

Lebanon asserts it sticks to UN Security Council resolution 1701

Hariri in Damascus Sunday to review bilateral agreements with Syria

Allawi speaks of tangible progress towards forming government

Russia’s Medvedev says Iran close to get nuke weapons, Salehi announces Iran produced 20 kg of uranium

Karroubi slams Ahmadinejad’s policies

Warnings mount on outbreak of nuclear war in Middle East