Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques discusses with Karzai Afghanistan’s security, development, bilateral cooperation

Crown Prince Sultan sends message to Yemeni PM on next coordination council meeting

Washington asks Iran to respond officially to enrichment offer, 6 powers to meet soon

President Abbas receives fresh ideas on peace process

Crown Prince Sultan donates SR10 million annually for orphans, disabled persons in Makkah

Arrangements laid for Saudi-Yemeni coordination council meeting in Riyadh

Prince Sultan receives Saudi ambassadors designate

Saudi Arabia expresses concern over “absence” of UN Security Council regarding Israel’s “state terrorism”

Saudi delegate to UNSC says council’s “double standards” paralyzed resolutions

Lebanese PM from Cairo: We take Israel’s threats seriously, reject them

GCC secretary general condemns Israel’s threats to Lebanon, expresses solidarity

London conference pledges support to help Yemen’s army fight terror

Prince Saud Alfaisal: Saudi Arabia respects Yemen’s sovereignty, trusts its ability to should responsibility

Yemen rejects calls to stop war before Houthis observe six conditions

London meeting on Afghanistan leaves door open for dialogue with Taleban as Afghan forces to be responsible for security this year

Saudi Arabia offers $150 million for Afghanistan development, says to mediate if Taleban stops backing terrorists

London conference on Yemen starts action to help stabilize Yemen, fight terror and Al-Qaeda

Riyadh to host second conference on Yemen late next month

Prince Khalid bin Sultan tours borders with Yemen, asserts no negotiations with any parties but Yemeni government

Mubarak expresses full solidarity for Yemen in message to Saleh

Afghanistan’s neighbors propose national reconciliation in the war-torn country

KACST launches initiative to desalinate water by solar energy

WML Secretary General Dr. Turki delivers lecture at Security Forces Club on importance of Security

Competitiveness forum in Riyadh highlights challenges facing global economy

Finance minister speaks of breakthrough in global financial crisis

International higher education exhibition opens in Riyadh

Palestinian president explains from London recent developments on negotiations, solution endeavors

Abbas say Saudi monarch for signing Palestinian reconciliation paper in Cairo

Abbas opposed to third intifada, stresses full rights of Palestinians

U.S.” Two-state solution won’t be theme of discussions for good

Egypt welcomes Hamas’ statements on reconciliation

Israel admits using white phosphorus in Gaza

Berlusconi says Israel should join EU

Moussa expects inter-Palestinian reconciliation to materialize in mid-2010

Assad urges France to play role with Turkey in peace efforts as Barak warns of Mideast war

Lebanese President Sleiman meets chief of UN tribunal on Hariri assassination

Lebanese President believes municipal elections would represent “gateway for reform”

Lebanese PM Hariri holds important talks with French leadership, Sarkozy stresses Lebanese army’s right to possess weapons

France gives Hariri assurances on fresh Israeli aggression on Lebanon

Arab, regional countries in endeavors to prevent Israeli aggression as Israeli minister says war is “possible”

Obama stresses decision for exit from Iraq, Afghanistan, more isolation on Iran

U.S. Senate passes bill to let Obama broaden sanctions against Iran

German press information point a finger at Iran’s secret nuke program branch

Russia not sure understanding with Taleban could be reached